Monday, February 14, 2011

Baruch Dayan HaEmet, My Mom.

I haven't written in a while, and since some might wonder what happened who are not familiar with me face to face, I thought I'd write something today.

Two days after I posted my Last Column, My mom was admitted to the Emergency room, for what was thought to be a heart attack. It turned out to be a lot more -- a neurological emergency. She was rushed to a better hospital, and came thought the surgery pretty well. But then in the hospital, she had something like a stroke and she fell into a coma. After a few days she did awake.

After what we thought was the beginning of a recovery, she fell back into a coma again. This time she would not come out of it. Two weeks ago, I saw her draw her last breath, and depart this world at age sixty-seven.

My mom was the best mom I could have had. She was a traveling companion as well as a mom. She was not the "cool mom" but something more. She was the mom everybody wants to bei their mom. Generous caring and loving. She would listen to you no matter who you were.

She loved to read and not only dreamed the adventures she read but did them, in style. Together we went to Africa, Hawaii, Alaska, Israel, Jordan. We walked across the equator together, then crossed it again a few weeks later in a boat headed between the Galapagos Islands. With my sister she visited Egypt and turkey. With my dad, most of Europe, east and west.

My sense of art is from her. She was not an artist, but a wonderful crafts person. She loved building and furnishing Dollhouses. The one she has worked on for years was a museum, each room different but spectacular. There was needle point, and collecting antique Wedgwood pieces.

She also in her later years had her spiritual side, and was the one who so support my own spiritual journey which led to this blog. She was the one who commented more than anyone else, often in private e-mail to me as she began and continued her own spiritual journey.

I'm gonna miss her. I loved her so much.

I'm understandably broken up and have no interest in writing. It may yet be some time before I write again. I thought you show know.